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Dog Photo Contest

Periodically as a dog owner you will find yourself competing in a dog photo contest. Though these are often designed as "friendly" photo contests, you know the truth. It's a no holds barred race for first place. You want to do anything you can to ensure that your dog looks as good as possible and that the judges are impressed with your photos.

One way to give yourself that priceless edge over the competition is to turn to Photowow. Photowow can take your regular photos of your dog and turn them into large scale works of pop art, mock acrylics, or impressionist interpretations of your original shot. The end result will be something that is completely unique to you and your dog - something that no one else in your dog photo contest will be able to emulate.

This edge over other dog photo contest entrants is easy to grant yourself. The first step is to either collect or create clear shots of your dog. You can be in the picture too if you like, but the key is to ensure that your dog is in focus and free of those tell-tale reflective eyes that ruin many pet photos. Costumes, themes, and other props in the photos are fine, but should be clearly framed and shot for the optimal results.

The next step in edging out your dog photo contest competitors is to get online with Photowow. At the site, you will have the opportunity to browse through hundreds of different choices for turning your regular doggy photographs into more unique pieces of art. You can scroll through the choices and preview your number one picks to get an idea of what you will be able to do with your photographs.

Once you have given several selections a test run, it is time to make your final choices and upload the pictures you would like to have manipulated into fine art for your dog photo contest. To do this, you proceed from the selection and preview page through the checkout system to the final instructions. There you have the opportunity to upload your photos or to get the mailing information to send them directly to Photowow.

You can get your dog contest photos transformed and returned to you in as little as two days, but you should allow a bit more time to be sure every element of your photo entry will be ready to go before the contest deadline. Allowing more time will also allow you to add in additional photos for entries as your creative brain gets more ideas from the Photowow web site.

Once the process is complete, you will have a memorable piece of art to use as your entry in your local dog photo contest. No one needs to know that you went to Photowow. . . you only need to win and keep your secret! But why wait to show everyone who really has the best looking pet? Visit Photowow today to place your order for an award-winning piece of doggie art.


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